Avimedica - AviBooster - 250ml


Properties and effect:
A composition of herbs and substances that improve the health of birds.
L-carnitine mediates the fatty acid metabolism, resulting in the release of additional energy stored as fat.
Magnesium is an essential element for the proper functioning of muscle tissue.
The B vitamins are the catalyst for many chemical reactions in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, and also take part in the formation of red blood cells.
The plant extracts strengthen digestive system and positively affect tastiness of the feed.


During training in order to stimulate the birds to fly and accelerate the burning of fat accumulated after the winter rest.
Before the racing season to prepare the "form" and during the racing season in order to support the strength of pigeons during races during medium and long distances.


Training and racing form building: 3ml/ 1L water or 3ml + 12 ml water mixed with 700g feed one day before the planed training.
Racing up to 300 km: 5ml/1L water or 5 ml + 10 ml water mixed with 700g feed. Apply 1 day before the flight.
Racing more than 300 km: 7ml/ 1L water or 7 ml + 8 ml water mixed with 700g feed. Apply 1-2 days before the flight and one day after the return from flight.
In case of applying with water the product must be eaten by birds within an hour.