Avimedica - AviCal - 450g


Properties and action: 
Mineral feed mixture for pigeons designed for reproduction season and rearing period of nestlings: supports the creation of the females eggs with strong and hard shells; contains a high concentration of vitamins, selenium, L - carnitine supporting activity of sperm; may have a positive effect on fertile of eggs; enriched with animal protein isolate, constitutes source of amino acids transferred to ovalbumin and to nestlings during their feeding with crop milk and in later periods. 

As a food supplement during the entire reproduction period. especially indicated for overexploated breeding pigeons, whose eggs are passed to mums. during rearing nestlings, preparation may be given together withAviOil, AviFerr, AviRegener and AviLiv preparations. 

Beginning of breeding: 8g/ 1 kg of feed 2-3 times a week.
Peak of the breeding season: 10g/ 1 kg of food 2-3 times a week alternatively with Aviferr. Before adding the preparation, feed may be moisture with AviOil. The AviCal can be also administer in separate container, for birds' individual intake demand.

Product composition: 
Calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, dried Urtica dioica, whey protein concentrate, maltodextrine, fructose, sodium chloride, dried Arctium lappa L. herb, Silybum marianumseeds, potassium chloride, vit. A, vit. D3, vit. E, vit. K3, vit. B1, vit. B2, vit. B3, vit. B5, vit. B9, vit. C, choline chloride, L-lisyne, Lcarnitine, methionine, cuprum sulphate , ferrum sulphate, cobaltum sulphate, zincum sulphate, sodium selenite.