Avimedica - AviCart - 250ml


Properties and effect:
Preparation supporting protection of articular cartilage, designed for sport pigeons: Glucosamine and hyaluronan build and support regeneration of articular cartilage; MSM through neutralization of free radicals helps to reduce inflammation; Extract from Devil's claw contains saponin which has antiphlogistic effect and regulates, absorption of preparation components from the gut. 

Spring trainings and beginning of racing season. As prophylaxis of flapping wing syndrome. The product may be given to pigeons as an arthroprotector during entire racing season. As a support for non steroid anti infammatory drugs in therapy of flapping wing syndrome. 

During the spring trainings: 5ml/ 20 pigeons with water or feed before and after the training.
During the racing season: 5ml/ 20 pigeons with food or water (alternatively) 1 day after the return from race and 2 days before racing (evening feeding).
Support in flapping wing syndrome: 0,3ml/ pigeon, using syringe into the crop 2 times daily after the feeding.
The pigeon must have blocked wings during the treatment!