Avimedica - AviFerr - 250ml


Properties and effect: 
Supports stimulation of circulatory system for synthesis of hemoglobin. Increases share of red blood cells and positively influences gas exchange in the lung as well as better blood oxidation. Supports stimulation of energetic processes, fat and carbohydrates metabolism as well as protein synthesis. Positively influences the development of nestlings. 

As a support for the pigeons' organisms during racing season and winter trainings. As a immune booster during infectious diseases, given together with AviMune. 

During the racing season: 2,5-3ml/ 1L of water in half of the racing week.
Product should be given every fortnight during breeding season: 4ml/ 1L of water 2 times a week.
During the moulting: 2,5ml/ 1L of water once a week.