Avimedica - AviOil Plus - 500ml


Properties and effect: 
A mixture of natural animal and plant oils. Excellent component for greasing the feed. Improves the energy value and palatability of feed. Has a positive effect on skin and its products, an excellent feed additive for a period of moulting. Included marine fish liver oil contains Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and fat-soluble vitamins (A,D3,K). EFA (?-3, ?-6) must be supplied to pigeons' organism, because they cannot synthesize them by themselves. Present in the preparation soybean oil is a rich source of lecithin, which improves pigeons' concentration. 

As a source of energy for pigeons during the long distances or difficult racing. As a support agent during the moulting, egg laying and feeding the nestlings. 

During the racing season: 1 day before the race in the evening 4ml/ 1 kg of food. Before the difficult race the product can be given in the morning and in the evening.
During preparing to the rearing and rearing: 5ml/ 1 kg of food twice a week.
During the moulting: 4-5 ml/ 1 kg of feed 3 times a week.