Avimedica - AviPower - 200g

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Properties and effect:

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for short distance flights and the first reserve of energy in long distance flights.
B vitamins are natural catalysts of many pathways in the organism including the energy metabolism anabolic pathways.
Vitamin C belongs to the group of natural antioxidants which catch free radicals and prevent degradation of tissues. Birds are able to synthesize vitamin C. However during stress situations accompanying the races and during the heatwave the demand for it increases.


As a additionally source of energy before the short distance flight.
Before the long distance races product should be given with oils composition - AviOil.
During high temperatures product can be given together with AviPul.


During the racing season before the short distance race 1-2g/ 1 kg of feed mixed with yoghurt.
Before the long distance race 2g/ 1 kg of feed mixed with AviOil.
During heat wave: 2-4g/ 1l of water together with AviPul.

Product composition:

Glucose, fructose, vit. E, vit. C vit. K3, vit. B1, vit. B2, vit. B3, vit. B5, vit. B9 vit. B12.