Tollisan Vermin Stop Bad 250ml


Immediate and long-term effect against nit, lices, ticks, fleas, mites (red bird mite), flies, cockroaches, moths and other ectoparasites. 10 Litre prepared mixture is enough for 100 square meters.

Animal stalls of all kinds such as pigeon lofts and poultry houses.


Prepare solution, stir and spray with low pressure on surfaces and objects preferred by flies and bugs: columns, beams, window frames, partition walls, box walls, crevices and niches, and so on. If necessary, repeat the procedure 1-2 times after 7 days to prevent the re-storage of mite eggs. It is important to treat all cells, seating as well as crevices and crevices.

150ml to 10 litres of water (with heavy infestation) or 100ml to 10 litres of water with little infestation.

2 ml to 10 litres of bath water. Very effective. Can be added to the bathing water weekly.