The Pigeon Testing Centre in Essex was established in 2019, with previous years of experience carrying out microscopy testing under the guidance of Belgica de Weerd, assisting the vets and liaising with Dr Henk de Weerd in Holland.

At The Centre, our main testing is with racing pigeons and show pigeons, with many of our clients testing prior to pairing, prior to racing, during racing or if there are any health issues or concerns.

Since opening the centre we now have large cliental that work with rescue centres, which also includes other avian species. Our services also extend to the small bird fraternity and poultry. 

We believe in testing rather than blind treating, over medicating and misuse is causing resistance and we believe this will accelerate in the future. There is of course a place for antibiotics when birds are very sick but we like to use our natural range to support the health, this includes seasonal program's for breeding, moulting, old bird racing and young bird racing.

Our centre provides a wide range of treatment for Coccidiosis, Worms, Canker, also Electrolytes, Vitamins and Probiotics.

There are products to suit all fanciers and their budgets which is why we offer a variety of suppliers.