Faeces Culture

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  • This test includes a comprehensive culture of extensive bacterial strains for when a problem is present or you wish to check the overall gut health including good bacteria in your birds.
  • This test includes the analysis of E-Coli strains, many types of Salmonella and sensitivity as appropriate.
  • This test also includes analysis of yeast/fungal infections.
  • A collection of fresh faeces will be required for this culture in tube provided

All cultures are carried out by the European Veterinary Laboratory, through this process your birds remain under the care of EVL, not the Pigeon Testing Centre. This means the Pigeon Testing Centre is not liable through this process.You will receive a culture report, and you will discuss the results with Rob van Herwijnen from EVL, not the Pigeon Testing Centre.Any antibiotics required will have to be prescribed by your own veterinarian.