Avimedica - AviFungal - 250ml

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Properties and effect: 
Iodine and natural herb extracts have antiphlogistic and antiseptic effect. Calendula officinalis extract appeases mycotoxins effect in the liver. Vitamin A hastens regeneration of damaged epithelium. Sorbitol is an additional source of energy for weakened birds. Usage protectively during antibiotic therapy minimizes the risk of gastrointestinal mycosis. 

Adjunct during fungal digestive tract infections treatment caused by Candida and Aspergillus. After the antibiotic treatment as a prevention of "after drug" fungosis. Adjunct in respiratory tract treatment together with AviPul. During rearing of nestlings and during the moulting for stimulation of the thyroid gland. 

Digestive tract fungosis treatment: 2ml/ 1L of water for 7 days.
As a prophylaxis of Candida spp. infections: 2,5ml/ 1L of water 3 times a week.
As a protective agent during the antibiotic therapy: 2ml/1L of water and for next 4 days after the antibiotic therapy.
In moulting season: 2ml/1L of water 3 times a week