Dac CCIE 50 Tablets for Cocci, Canker & Internal Parasites

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CCIE tablet: Combined oral treatment for coccidiosis, cancer, mucosal irritation. Internal and external parasites in racing pigeons.

Active ingredients:
Each tablet contains: Diclazuril 2.5 mg, Ronidazole 30.0 mg and Ivermectin 0.5 mg.

Dosage and administration: For oral administration:
Only for use with pigeons!
Not for pigeons intended to produce food for human consumption.

One tablet per pigeon (400-500 g live weight) should be placed directly in the mouth.
Treat all your birds, not just the sick ones, to avoid reinfection from untreated birds.
All birds in the coop must be treated before feeding.
Make sure that no other water is available until 2 hours after the treatments, the drinkers can be returned to the loft after thorough disinfection.
After medication, give your animals DAC MULTIVITAMINS. Give a weekly maintenance dose of MULTIVITAMINS.
Disinfect lofts/houses with DAC LOFT DISINFECTANT.
Birds should be handled after transport to shows or races where they may be exposed to contaminated cages, baskets, etc.
If in doubt or if problems persist, consult a veterinarian.

Do not use: *during the main moult, *the breeding period, *while the young are on the nest.
Do not use in pigeons weighing less than 400 g.
Do not use in animals other than those listed (serious reactions including some deaths have been reported in dogs)!
Interactions: unknown.

The import, possession, sale, supply and/or use of a CCIE tablet may be prohibited in any particular country.
Any person who intends to sell, supply and/or use CCIE tablets is advised to consult the competent authority of the country before doing so.