Dac Endecto Drops 10ml

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Endecto drops (Liquid against lice, mites and worms) by DAC for Racing Pigeon

Birds can host endo– and ectoparasites and in majority of cases they are not associated with clinical disease In captivity, in particular, this delicate host-parasite relationship can easily be disturbed and disease may result.
Worms (roundworms) infestations can give watery mutes, voracious appetite with no increase or loss in weight.
The biting lice do not suck blood but feed on keratin (the substance from which feathers made). They can cause irritation and damage to the plumage. Their numbers increase when a bird is in poor condition.
The sucking mites can not only cause skin irritation and blood loss but may transmit various parasites.
Treatment against endo-and ectoparasites is important for your birds health.
COMPOSITION: Ivermectine.
PACKAGING: bottle with dropper 10 ml.
Dosage for parrots, pigeons and raptors, in the neck, on the naked skin:
1 drop per 250 g liveweight
2 drops per 500 g liveweight.
If necessary repeat the treatment after 4-6 weeks.