Dosto Oregano 12% Liquid 300ml

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  • applicable over the drinking water
  • healthy gastro-intestinal-tract
  • Free airways

Dosto-Oregano with a higher concentration of active ingredients and essential oils

NEW!!! Dosto-Oregano with a higher concentration of active ingredients and essential oils for healthy airways!

Therefore the level of quality for our new Dosto-Oregano is unique. The active ingredient concentration of the liquid form and of the powder form was increased to 12% and the feed oil to 3%. Due to the addition of the new essential oils, which have a demonstrably very good effect on the airways, you will now fill two needs with one deed. On the one hand you will have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and will additionally have healthy airways since free airways are the basis for all success in pigeon racing.

 Dosto Oregano liquid 12%

The Dosto-Oregano Liquid 12% dosage is 1 ml to 3 litres water. Simple, inexpensive and practical! You can add this liquid form to the pigeons drinking water daily. All of my pigeons also receive Dosto-Oregano Liquid 12% daily combined with Tollyamin in drinking water during moulting. The result is a perfect moult with pigeons in new super plumage. Three times a week usage is enough during the winter time. I recommend to continue giving the combination Dosto-Oregano Liquid 12% and Tollyamin daily after moulting, the pigeons will come into great condition.

I use Dosto-Oregano Liquid 12% three times a week in the breeding loft. You can also do this daily – it doesn't matter if the pigeons are sitting on eggs or are feeding hatchlings here. The weaned young pigeons receive the liquid form daily in the drinking water. Add Quick (iodine and iron) twice a week. Via this combination you will obtain a highly preventive protection against the Young Pigeon Disease Syndrome. You may also deal with the young animal race with this simple method. You will marvel at how the youngsters will fly around home.

Analytical components:
Raw ash 1,1%, raw fat 0,2%, raw protein 0,0%, raw fiber 0,0%, sodium 0,4%, lysine 0,0%, methionine 0,0%, moisture 14,2%

1,2 propanediol, sodium chloride, potassium chloride

Sensory additives per liter:
Mixture of natural aromas 120.000mg (12%)


Close immediately after use (loss of aroma).
Keep dry and cool, but do not store below 10°C.