Dosto Rop Adeno 1 Litre

  • Against bacteria
  • Against viruses
  • Against fungi

RopAdeno® is a new electrolysis-treated water with special characteristics. By using this special technology, through which the water is subsequently treated with electrical current, amongst other elements hyperchloric acid is also formed, one of the strongest disinfecting agents and, at the same time, one of the most compatible for living organisms. It is only because of this excellent compatibility that it is permitted to add RopAdeno® to the drinking water.

Modern drinking water disinfection - the revolution in racing pigeon sport!

Why is hygiene so important with drinking water for humans and animals (racing pigeons)?

The digestive tract is by far the largest entry point for germs of all kinds. Clean and uncontaminated drinking water is the basis for health and well-being in both humans and animals. Life-threatening problems caused by contaminated drinking water, for example during natural disasters, occur again and again. Potentially fatal illnesses, for example dysentery, cholera and other infections, are often caused by contaminated drinking water in these situations. Actually, everyone is aware of the importance of hygienically safe drinking water. More attention needs to be given to drinking water in the pigeon racing sport.

Preventive: 10ml per litre of drinking water
If necessary: 15ml per litre of drinking water 


0.05% - 0.07% active chlorine