Reha Vital Elixier - 1000ml

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An ancient, secret recipe from a Belgian pigeon breeder.

The following ingredients are brought to the boil whilst stirring and then cooled:

Red onions, garlic, brown sugar candy, alum powder, iodine, iron, zinc, elderberry juice.

Supply the pigeons with this health elixir via their feed, then their down will fall away and their faeces will be perfectly round. The pigeons come into top form. Reha-Vital-Elixier is very sticky and is particularly well suited for supplying the pigeons with a powder via their feed.


20ml on 1 kg of feed

Sugar, onion extract, garlic extract, elderberry extract, sodium-chloride, calcium-clycerophosphate, magnesium citrate

Analytical components:
Raw proteine 1%, raw fiber 1%, raw fat 1%, raw ash 1%, sodium 0,2%, moisture 75%

Additives per liter:
(E1) iron (Fe) as iron-III-chloride 15,0mg, (E2) iodine (J) as potassium-iodine 38,0mg, (E5) manganese (Mn) as manganese-chloride 1,2mg, (E6) zinc (Zn) as zinc-acetate 1,1mg, (E4) copper (Cu) as copper-acetate 0,6mg, (E3) cobalt (Co) as cobalt-chloride 0,3mg


The best pigeon tip youve ever got!!!

Reha-Vital-Elixier 20ml + Dosto Oregano powder 5g on 1kg of feed